Salsa Partnering Course

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One of the most important and most popular dance styles within the Caribbean is Salsa.┬áThis partner dance was emerged through the unique fusion of European grace, African rhythm and Caribbean dances such as Merengue, Bolero and Son. Salsa literally means “sauce”. Just like in a good sauce, the basic ingredients remain the same in every lesson, but we add more and more flavour to it.Salsa is a dance for two. Salsa is fast, sultry and sensual. Salsa gives room for creativity and improvisation. Salsa is moving in harmony, both with the music and with each other. Always different, varied and varied. Salsa is irresistible.
6 weeks starting September 11th
Fridays from 20:30-21:30


149 euro per couple.
Registration will be on one of your accounts.



Laura & Johnatan

Tribes Regulations

– fixed partnering (one household)
– Make sure to stay home if you are in violation of the health checklist (below).
– Arrive no sooner than 15 minutes prior to the class and no later than 5 minutes prior to the class.
– Keep 1.5 metres distance to others before, during and after the class.

We urgently ask you to stay home if one or more of the following applies to you:

– You experience one or more of the following symptoms: nasal flu, coughing, fever, throat ache, shortness of breath or loss of smell/taste.
– You have experienced one of those symptoms in the last 24 hours.
– You have household members who experience fever or shortness of breath.
– You or a household member has been tested positively with corona in the last 14 days.