Partnering course – Dansblok: FRAME


4 week course on Thursdays starting June 1st
Time: 18:00-19:30
Where: Tribes studio 2 | Haagweg 4F5
Price: €85,- | Students use the discount code STUDENT for 15% off.
Teachers: Rosa Allessie and Dieuwertje Spek


In this 4-week course we will explore the possibilities of partnerwork through concepts such as sharing weight, pulling & pushing, grips, center point, lifts and balance. We will teach part of our new duet FRAME that uses all of the learned techniques. This choreography is about finding and crossing each others boundaries, learning to trust yourself and someone else and sharing space and weight. The teachers are Rosa Allessie and Dieuwertje Spek (collective DansBlok).


Read more info about this work: and watch the teaser here

You can see FRAME here:
28 and 29 April – Amuse Festival (Leiden) – Try-out
1 May – Theater Ins Blau (Leiden) – Try-out
3 June – FAT (Leiden) – PREMIERE
4 June – Kijk in de wijk (Roelofarendsveen)