Modern Beginners

Modern jazz 3

When: Sundays 10:45-12:00
Where: Merenwijk studio
Duration: 14 weeks
Start: 12th September 2021
Price: €185
Student use the discount code: STUDENT for 15% off

For whom
Everybody looking for a mix of fluent modern dance and contemporary, using techniques from both styles and focusing on musicality and different movement qualities. 

Through a dynamic and rhythmic class, we will learn to understand and embody basic modern dance technique through Limon and Release principles such as breathing, fall and recovery actions, suspension, retreat and the use of weight. With fun and challenging exercises and sequences I will support you on integrating the technique while exploring your own voice and style as a dancer.
The classes integrate floor work routines with out of the floor movement sequences. You will learn to re-pattern the flow of energy that a movement sequences requires to dance with organicity and joy. I would love to be part of your dancing journey!

Sahirine Martinez