Locking is one of the various old-school hip-hop styles danced on funk music, it became popular in the 1970’ies (especially because of James Brown and his music and moves spreading across the world through television). This goofy dance genre sometimes even has an element of clowning as an expression. We will learn all the quirky and funky moves called the “scoo b doo”, “pimp-walk”, “whichaway”, “Leo-walk”, “stop and go”, “Skeeter rabbit”, “funky guitar”, “point”, “wrist-roll”, “jack” and “lock”.

For whom
Intermediate dancers

4 weeks course starting 11th January 2022
When: Tuesdays 18:00-19:00
Where: Tribes studio 2 | Haagweg 4F5
Teacher: Helen Hecker
Price: 50 euro | Students use the discount code: STUDENT for 15% off