Laban Bartenieff Movement (adults)

Modern jazz 3

When: Wednesdays 20:00-21:00
Start: 7 February 2024 – March 27th (no class during Spring Break)
Duration: 7 lessons
Location: Wassenaar Studio | Kerkstraat 75
Teacher: Rosemarie Onvlee
Price: 84 euro

Within the LBMS, many types of movement and movement qualities are described in symbols, this is called Motif. This can be used to quickly record a movement observation, but also to create movement and that is exactly what we will be exploring in the course. During the classes we will explore improvisations and movements, that will come together, building on each other until we have a phrase that we are happy with.

Each move can be modified or deepened by drawing additional cards and stacking them. This gives the whole a clear energy and phrasing. The hoped-for end result: a choreography, completely based on chance.

Please note: Rosemarie will record parts of the progress and the end result. The collected images will be shown to the faculty of E-move Institute.