Jazz Burlesque (advanced)

jazz burlesque 3

When: Monday 21:00-22:00
Start: 6th February 2023
Where: Lipsius Building, studio K031
Duration: 12 weeks
Price: student € 114 | LEI-medewerker € 132 | overig € 141

For whom
Dancers with at least 6 years of dance experience.

Jazz Burlesque takes you back to the roaring 1920’s, when dancing became exhilarating, cheerful and sexy. We will explore the Burlesque style, but also dance styles such as Charleston, Black Bottom, Shimmy and Lindy Hop. The class will start with a challenging warm-up, followed by technical jazz and strengthening exercises. After that we will focus on the different dance styles and we will work on a sizzling choreography!

Willemieke Verweij