Improve your Ballet Technique


Do you want to improve your ballet technique? Join this 4 week course with Willemieke. Every clinic has it’s own focus. You can join all four sessions or book them separately here.

Wednesday 4th of January – Improve your Pirouettes
Pirouettes, most dancers have a love-hate relationship with pirouettes and struggle to turn consistent turns. In this ballet clinic we will dive into the important component parts of the pirouette. Starting with the base (posture), working on the effort (muscles) and lastly on the technical foundations (plie, rétire, attitude or extensions for fouettés).

Wednesday 11th of January- Improve your Allegro
We all dream about doing a super high grand jeté, to have a moment of floating in the air. But how do we achieve these beautiful high jumps?Every well performed jump starts with an effective plie and ends with a controlled landing. This ballet clinic will look into the interconnected relationship in the body to solidify both the plie and landing. Good core strength and alignment are crucial to almost all aspects of dance, but especially with jumps. Using fun drills, we will boost both and will also dive into the needed flexibility through dynamic stretching.

Wednesday 18th of January – Improve your Extensions
This clinic works on building the strength and technique to build higher extensions in dance. Whether you are a ballet dancer or a modern dancer, we all wish our legs could reach up to the sky. During this workshop Willemieke will drill you to the next level through a mix of exercises for muscle building, flexibility and the right technique.

Wednesday 25th of January – Improve your Pointe work
What are the basic components for good pointe work? Strong and most importantly activated core, legs and intrinsic foot muscles. So how do you make them strong and how to make sure that you actually use them while dancing? That is what we will focus on during this clinic. The goal is to feel light in your pointe shoes, to feel line through your legs and feet and to avoid sinking in your shoes and knuckling your toes.
After all clinics you will receive a handout with exercises to do at home to bring all the new knowledge into practice.

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Dates: 4 Jan, 11 Jan, 18 Jan, 25 Jan
Where: Tribes studio 2 | Haagweg 4F5
Price: €85,- | Student* use the discount code: STUDENT for 15% off
*Discount does not apply to PhD-students