Hiphop Beginners/Intermediate

When: Mondays 21:00-22:00
Where: Tribes Studio 1 – Doezastraat 2a
Duration: 12 lessons
Dates: starts 1st March
Price: €130 | students: €105

For Who
Dancers who want to learn the Hip hop style, but do not have a lot of experience yet.

Hip hop refers to a cultural movement that came out of the Bronx (NYC) in the 1970s. Though we usually associate it with a type of music, hip hop is made up of several elements, including rap, DJ-ing, graffiti, and breakdancing. Today, Hip hop dance refers to a group of dance styles that usually originated from the streets of various cities.
In this class we’ll be focusing on aspects of several of these styles, but moving with the beat is always important. We’ll work on powerful, explosive movements, but also our control and isolations. We’ll be dancing to anything from old school rap and funk to yesterday’s Top 40 list.
We will practice musicality, conditioning, and work on a badass choreography that we will perform at the end of the season. Bring your sneakers and your swagger!

Emma Jansen