Exploring Movement

For whom
Everybody interested in exploring movement and getting to know yourself better

Movement is not only dance but the way we move through the world. Come explore and develop your own (dance)movement by zooming in on four different aspects of movement that are invaluable to your time in and outside the dance studio. The flexibility workshop concentrates on our mental flexibility as well as our willingness to adapt and change. In the workshop centering and balance we look at what we need to be centered and balanced and how we can quickly reclaim this balance when we are stressed. In the contact workshop we focus on what eye contact, communication and physical contact does to our sense of being. And last but not least we explore our mastery of creativity through experimenting with movement. All these workshops will give you a deeper understanding of your movement and dance as a dancer, but also how your preferences shape your life outside of the studio.

Dates & time
Wednesdays 18:45-19:45
4-week course starting the 7th of June
Costs: €55 – 4 workshops and one one-on- one coaching session
Teacher: Mari Stikvoort