Don Quixote Repertoire Advanced


4 week course on Thursdays from 19:15-20:30
Start: 25th of May 2023
Where: Tribes studio 3 | Merenwijk, Broekplein 6
Price: €60,- | Student* use the discount code: STUDENT for 15% off
*Discount does not apply to PhD-students
Teacher: Nathalie Gaubert-Calabro


For advanced ballerina’s/ballerino’s who want to learn the fun and challenging repertoire of Don Quixote. Often referred to as ballet’s most beloved romantic comedy, Don Quixote, based on Miguel de Cervantes’ definitive novel, is a heart-warming story of one erratic and gallant man’s quest for love.

Nathalie Gaubert-Calabro is a well renowned and highly experienced Ballet teacher, former Artisitic Director in France and professional ballet dancer with international experience. She has been conducting Ballet classes for almost 25 years and is currently an international Ballet teacher for master classes, workshops, jury during competitions throughout Italy, France and The Netherlands – Rotterdam, DD3, Utrecht , Maastricht universities and even in Singapore, extended her network among Director of Academies, Opera and Dance companies.