Dancer’s Challenge

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YES It’s 2019! Rejoice the new year and all the new possibilities that come with it! This dancer’s challenge we will focus on dance technique and what is needed for proper execution of the most important technical aspects. Start your year by building your technique and broadening your body awareness, but most importantly by expressing yourself through dance. This 4-week challenge will equip you with all you need to start the new dance season with newly discovered abilities and confidence in yourself and your body.

Mondays 19:00-21:00 @ Tribes (doezastraat)
Wednesdays 19:00-21:00 @ Tribes (doezastraat)
Fridays 18:30-20:30 @ Tribes (doezastraat)
Starts the 7th of January
Teacher: Willemieke Verweij

Presale starts November 12th
Costs: 180 euro (early bird)