Contrast: Project & Auditions

7 choreographers, 9 pieces, 9 styles

A project by Tribes

Every two years Tribes works toward a larger project – we started with codename &ONE and this will be &FIVE! Meaning our Fifth production, consisting of 9 beautiful pieces by our amazing choreographers! Every piece will have a making process like, any professional company, working closely with your choreographer and fellow dancers to learn, create and embody the dance piece. All pieces will end up to be approx 10 minutes. The training for each piece will be done during an intensive period in the months May and June.



the state of being strikingly different from something else in juxtaposition or close association. To compare in order to show unlikeness or differences; note the opposite natures, purposes, etc., of:





Proces of the production

FIRST UP: Choices

Which pieces or choreographers speak to you? Which styles do you want to challenge yourself in? Make up your mind and pick a maximum of 3 pieces to audition for.  Fill in the audition request – deadline February 2nd midnight!

SECOND UP: Hear back

Because the auditions tend to be quite full, we might need to make a pre-selection for the audition although we would like to see as many of you as possible. One week prior to the auditions you will know if you have been selected to come for audition.

THIRD UP: Auditions
Auditions for the dance pieces will be held on February 10th and 11th 2024. You will vibe with the choreographer and the group – also just have fun

FOURTH UP: Final Selection

Max 1 week after the audition weekend we will announce which dancers have been selected for which pieces. After which the process will start. We will have an amazing workshop weekend together (23 & 24 March) to prep you for the journey.

Willemieke Verweij
Rosa Allessie
Thu Hang Pham
Dieuwertje Spek
Jill Medina
Lotte Ruijs

Important info:

Date performance: 23rd of June – Theater Diligentia
Dress rehearsal: 22nd of June (evening)
Workshop Weekend: 23 & 24 March (13:00-17:00)
from May onward – 12 to 15 hours of training
Costs for participation: 225 euro
*Training dates per piece are mentioned but may be subjected to change


10th February
– 12:15-13:15 Rosa
– ⁠13:30-14:30 Dieuwertje
– 14:45-15:45 Thu 

Thu’s audition has been moved to February 17th from 11:00-12:00

11th February
– 11:30-12:30 Willemieke – Concept 1
– 12:45-13:45 Lotte
– 14:00-15:00 Jill
– 15:15-16:15 Willemieke – Concept 2

Check the rehearsal schedule - please note that this might change slightly.


Thu Hang



 – A piece/research about what happens when we let movement speak and create momentum together.

Dancers are asked to be open and eager 🙂 

Style: Contemporary

About Thu

Thu Hang Pham is a freelance dancer, choreographer and teacher. She started her dance training at the Academy of Theatre and Dance in Amsterdam (ATD). After finishing her training in Amsterdam she moved to New York City (Peridance Capezio Center) and Israel (Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company) to broaden her horizons. Her dance language focusses on flow, groundedness, sensuality and the connection between the physical and inner world. Important to her is to create and express from personal experiences and move beyond particular techniques and aesthetics to find freedom in movement and experience a sense of connectedness with others.






We all have something in life that gives us energy, makes the heart beat faster and the soul move. Something which is worth even working 300% for to get it. But what if you have to deal with limitations on the road which make it hard or impossible to reach it? How long can you ignore or work around those limits? And how long can you push yourself through? Where is the border and how far can you go beyond it? (un)reachable is a performance about the battle between desires and possibilities.

About contrast
I am really excited about this project. For me this is a really personal concept and I would love to create an open and safe space in the studio, where the dansers have the opportunity to open up to each other. During the creation process they can use their personal experiences and feelings based on this concept to create movements. Together we will combine our stories and share them with the audience. I am really looking forward to start creating (un)reachable.

About Dieuwertje

Dieuwertje Spek, her life has been dominated by moving. From a young age she performed gymnastics on a high level continued by a pre-education in dance. After 4 years of training in the academy, she graduated as a allround dancer/ performer from Fontys School of Arts in Tilburg. Her movement style is influenced by the allround training she followed, the choreographers she worked with and her background of gymnastics. She is always looking for new challenges. Since 2018 she is part of DansBlok; a collective from Leiden that creates both dance films and performances. Besides that she is performing (inter)nationally with different companies and teaching contemporary and floor-work.

Style: Contemporary



WATERVROUW (working title)
Women are like water. We are flowing, elegant, soft and gentle. But we are also strong, powerful, the source of life, deep and dangerous. We can be and do it all, as long as we believe in ourself and connect to our feminine energy and stand strong together.
A contemporary piece about the contrasting soft and strong qualities of women.
‘She is water
Soft enough to offer life
Tough enough to drown it away’
– Rupi Kaur
About Rosa
Rosa graduated as a professional contemporary dancer from the Fontys Academy of the Arts in 2013. Since then, she is working as a performer for different choreographers and companies such as De Stilte, Dutch National Opera, Isabelle Beernaert and others. She has been creating her own productions under her own name and with collective DansBlok. For this project, she is interested co-creating with the dancers, how they connect to the concept and how we can translate those ideas and images into a grounded, fluent and strong movement quality. I feel that we as women have an undeniable power within us and I hope I can make my dancers fully experience that power and transmit that feeling to the audience.



AI vs. Reality

Where does AI stop and where do I begin?

Can you still tell the difference between AI and reality or are you being fooled? When you make your decisions do you base them on your feelings, or do you give the answers of expectation? Are you truly being yourself or do you have a filter? Let’s explore what happens when you test yourself to live without
any filters. Play with your own boundries to see a new outcome.

Style: Urban Contemporary

Project Contrast
I am very enthusiastic about this project. It’s great that there is a stage to explore and create with each other. Let’s find out where this concept goes and how we can make the most out of it. Time to learn from each other and grow together. Put a piece together that will take the audience on a journey and let them feel our story. LET’S GO!

About Lotte
Dancer, Choreographer, Dance teacher Lotte Ruijs, 32 years old. Graduated from Lucia Marthas, Institute for Performing Arts and Fontys School of the Arts. Danced at Dinner show Studio 21, Radio Award Gala, Belgium’s Got Talent, Theatre the Avenue, Opera Carmina Burana, Sinterklaas Show Inpetto, Videoland serie de Club van Sinterklaas.

Choreographed for Neave vocal artist, Children’s performance Kast, Rats en Luchtkastelen, Guest act Utopia (Talpa), Promotion team Wesseling Den Haag, SPOT theatre group. Dance teacher in the styles Jazz, Modern, Commercial, Musical, Urban and children’s dance. Taught at Fontys school of the arts,
Primary school Pieter van der Plas, High school DaVinci College and multiple dance schools.




By nature we resist change and attach ourselves to that what feels safe and sound. As humans we weave a safe fabric to wrap ourselves in using the many attachements (strings) to that what makes us feel like we belong. In this piece we investigate our relationship to the nature of attachment and its opposite – letting go. We investigate the idea that letting go is synonymous with change, and change is an integral part of life. How can we find balance in something that always changes?

Style: Contemporary (Ballet)




The one thing that has always been mesmerising to me are somebody’s eyes. How they gaze outward, yet at the same time we learn life’s deepest mysteries through eye contact. This piece will ask you to dig a little deeper and dare to show a little bit more of yourself.

“Your eyes show the strength of your soul.” ― Paulo Coehlo

Style: Natural Movement



Connection Flow

A contemporary partner dance but performed in solo style and partner dance pieces, representing the female flow; like the force of whirling water while also steadily coming and going in softness.

The idea is to lead and follow in dance, not just in choreography, but in energy by using the flow of the body. Getting to know the body on a deeper level, dancing and connecting from awareness and following the natural flow.

This is invitation to surrender and release energy in dance. Diving deep in connection with ourselves and in dance partnering. I can’t wait to start this journey, to be in the creation bubble with a beautiful team of dancers, connecting our flow.

About Jill
Sharing the language of the soul for as long I remember. My background is in ballet, musical education, Latin dance styles and gymnastics. Movement of the body has been my life’s work which I love to share.



Mind the Body

A performance about the connection between the mind and the body, emotions and thoughts. A feeling of sadness can make you cry, a joke can make you laugh so hard your tummy hurts, if you’re angry you will feel your muscles tense up. The other way around, a physical experience can make you think in a different way. One can not exist without the other, feelings and thoughts are magically connected. Are mind and body two different entities or are they one? What is dominant, can one overrule the other? Can emotion move you? These are the questions that we will investigate in Mind the Body.

Mail your CV and a short motivation to before January 27th. Make sure the subject of the email is ‘audition DansBlokTALENT’. We will let you know if you’re invited to the audition on January 29th.

If you’re joining:
– You’re available on all rehearsal and performance dates.
– During the rehearsal period you are welcome at our weekly professional dance training and we will coach you in your development as a dancer.
– The costs of the project are €272,50.Audition: Saturday 3 februari, 14:00 – 17:00
Rehearsals: 9/3, 16/3, 23/3, 6/4, 13/4, 20/4, 4/5 – van 13:30 tot 17:00 u
11 mei – PestHuys, Leiden
1 juni – Museumnacht, Leiden
23 juni – Theater Diligentia, Den Haag (Tribes production project)


1. You can sign up to audition for max 3 pieces. The maximum amount of pieces to do during the production is 2.

2. Use the form below to sign up for the audition. DEADLINE: FEBRUARY 1ST

3. One week before the auditions –  you will hear for which pieces you are invited to audition and what to bring.

Audition protocol

All adults (18+) are allowed to sign up for the auditions, regardless of level.
During the audition the choreographer will challenge you with exercises that might include improvisation, partner work, creating. The audition will be in line with the concept for the project. The choreographer will select based on how well you fit in the theme and group.