Classical Ballet (Inter/Adv)

klassiek 32

When: Tuesdays from 18:30-19:30
Start: 13th of February 2024
Where: Lipsius Building, Studio K031
Duration: 12 lessons
Price: student € 119 | LEI-medewerker € 139 | overig € 149

For whom
This level is suitable for dancers with at least 4 year experience in classical ballet.
Please note that the teacher may always ask you to join another level, if the level proves to be either too high or too low.

Join in on Tuesday evenings to invite the body into dance. In Ballet Inter/Adv the focus lies on embodiment and inviting a natural expression using more advanced techniques. The classical class consists of preparatory, strengthening and technical exercises. We also work on jumping power, flexibility, and gracefulness and do exercises that train the posture & integration in a progressive way

Willemieke Verweij