The Ballet Weekend

Toward core integration and elasticity in the moving body

17, 18 & 19 juni 2022 – vrijdag 18:00-20:00, zaterdag 14:00-18:00 en zondag 14:00-18:00

With Willemieke Verweij

Ballet is an art-form, not only through the stories which are told on stage, but also in the way we use our bodies – ballet is more than making shapes. This intensive weekend focusses on experiencing the codified movement of ballet in two different ways:

  1. Exploring correct muscle use and elasticity (strength and flexibility)
  2. Experiencing the moving body from the inside out

We will dive in deep to shift the perspective from shape to process. We will use different methods like progressing ballet technique, kinesthetic methodologies, movement quality exploration, etc. For this intensive you will get a toolkit for the exercises, which you can then take home.

After this challenge you will have more insight on your own anatomy and how to move efficiently. You will also leave with tools how to use the movements to express and move in line with your interiority.