Ballet Foundation Course

When: Wednesdays from 10:00-11:00
Where: LAK stuidio K031
Duration: 6 lessons
Dates: start 3rd March
In-studio: Students € 50 | UL-employees € 60 | Others € 65
Online: Students € 40 | UL-employees € 48 | Others € 50

For whom
All levels

Ballet dancers are regarded one of the strongest athletes and not without reason. To dance ballet is to get to know your body from the inside out. This Ballet Technique Foundation course is focused on creating awareness of muscle use in a progressive way, so the body will remember the correct muscle use while dancing.

The course will focus on 4 main topics:
•    Turnout
•    Core connection
•    Stability
•    Leg extensions

These topics will be explored through explorative and strengthening exercises. The exercises will be mostly mat based. The exercises will use different props to explore the dynamic muscle activation in motion.

The props we will use:
–    Yoga/Fitness mat
–    Resistance band
–    2 Tennisballs
–    Yoga Blok

Teacher: Willemieke Verweij