Ballet Choreography

ballet choreo

When: Sunday from 16:00-17:15
Where: Haagweg 4 (4F5)
Duration: 8 lessons
Dates: start 18th October
Price: 105 euro – students 86 euro

For whom
This course is for advanced dancers. Who have a solid foundation in classical ballet. This course can only be taken in combination with a(n) (intermediate) technical ballet class (like the ones on Sunday).

In the Ballet Choreography course we will go beyond the ‘normal’ ballet lesson and focus on repertoire/choreography, expression and telling a story. It’s a dynamic class in which we will start with a challenging barre or centre warm-up. In this warm-up we will also work on flexibility and stamina. After that we will work on different repertoire pieces. Are you ready to take classical ballet to the next level?

Willemieke Verweij