The Ballet Challenge

For who
Anybody who would like to develop a deeper understanding for ballet technique, ballet terminology and ballet anatomy as well as take on the badass challenge of practicing ballet technique intensively for 5 times a week. Not for complete beginners, but open to all levels.

2 weeks – 5 lessons in a week – 1 hour per class. Every class will consist of: a warmup and strengthening – then every day will have it’s own theme and focus: turn out, flexibility, adagio, pirouette training, allegro & coda work. .

You will leave this challenge with more awareness, more strength, more flexibility, a stronger technical understanding of the techniques and a broader ballet vocabulary.


Wednesday to Sunday
February 10-21th Feb 2021
From 20:00-21:00 On Wednesday-Friday
From 18:00-19:00 on Saturday & Sunday
Online Zoom Studio
Costs: 100 euro / 90 euro students*

Price includes a package of needed materials: pilates ball, resistance band etc.

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*please note that in mindbody it will show the old schedule.