About Tribes

Tribes is a Leiden based studio for dance and yoga. We are unique in our approach to offer dance and yoga in a wide variety of styles for anybody over 17 years old. Learn more about the founder, our mission and history.


Tribes was founded by Willemieke Verweij. The name Tribes came from her passion to explore cultures as an Anthropologist. As a girl she was raised in Southern Africa and still misses the African smells and colours dearly, but now she has found her home in Leiden together with her husband Daniel.

Willemieke Verweij


We believe strongly in creating a nurturing environment of creativity, passion and possibilities for growth within the fields of dance and yoga. We offer a non-competative, all-inclusive and safe space to try out new things and find your tribe, guided by an outstanding team of teachers with each their own special set of qualities.


Tribes was born out of a longing to create a place for like-minded people to come together and share their passion for dance and yoga. A place where learning, exploring and opening up to new things was encouraged and supported. With every class, every workshop and every show we see this in practice. The tribe comes together and this to Willemieke is something magical!