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200hrs Modern Vinyasa Teacher Training

From August 2024 to January 2025.

Experience a transformative 200hrs Modern Vinyasa Teacher Training that begins with a one-week intensive retreat in the serene nature of the Ardennes, followed by 5 immersive weekends in the vibrant heart of Leiden.

Are you ready to take your yoga practice to a deeper level? Do you long to enhance your confidence in your body? Are you eager to uncover the underlying reasons behind the instructions given by your teachers? Are you ready to explore the fascinating realms of anatomy, alignments, and philosophy? And most importantly, do you dream of becoming a yoga teacher? If this resonates with you, our yoga teacher training program is just what you need. Take the next step in your yoga journey and turn your aspirations into reality.

Take a leap in your yogic journey and build solid foundations as a teacher: join our brand-new and innovative 200hrs Modern Vinyasa Teacher Training.

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The pillars of the training

  • Functional & embodied anatomy
  • Alignment-based study of asanas
  • Modern perspectives on traditional philosophy
  • Safe and intelligent sequencing
  • Authentic teaching

Functional & embodied anatomy

We’ll dive into the basics of the musculoskeletal system, understand how joints and muscles function, and apply it in the context of the yoga class. Going through the main body parts, we’ll discover how they relate to each other and never work separately from one another. We’ll take a closer look at the anatomy of breathing and how it relates to the body’s well-being.

Alignment-based study of asanas

We’ll study the alignments in whole asana families, using anatomical knowledge and the energy flow of Prana as our foundations. We organize the asanas by main key actions (aka backbends, forward bends, etc.) so you’ll be able to see how poses relate to each other and how alignments (and thus misalignments) recur from one pose to another. We’ll teach you how to ‘read’ an asana on different bodies and ‘feel’ the safe alignments in your own body. We will introduce you to the basics of modifying postures and hands-on-assist.

Safe and intelligent sequencing

We’ll introduce you to different ways to create a vinyasa yoga class, going through the necessary steps to create a sequence that makes sense for the body. As an extra, we will offer you a basic sequence that you can adjust. With this, you will be able to create vinyasa flows, gentle as well as more challenging. You can start teaching more confidently and develop your own style from that solid foundation.

Modern perspectives on traditional philosophy

We’ll introduce you to the history of yoga philosophies and lineages, discovering how times and cultures influenced its organic development. We’ll go through the main yogic concepts and introduce you to some that may be particularly helpful in dealing with today’s challenges. Far from wanting you to follow a specific lifestyle or discipline, our goal is to open your perspectives and inspire you with the diversity and richness found in yogic philosophical history.

Authentic teaching

Throughout the training, you’ll grow as a yogi and lay solid foundations for growing as a yoga teacher. You’ll start to answer the following questions: Who do you want to be as a teacher? What is important to you? What do you want to give the world? What are your strengths and what might challenge you on your path as a teacher?

And more

  • Introduction to the subtle body: Prana & the Vayus
  • Pranayama basic techniques
  • Meditation basic techniques
  • Basics of myofascial anatomy
  • About yoga business & marketing

We expect you to:

  • Start the training with an open mind and an open heart. Be ready to receive and be prepared to give and share from yourself.
  • Be ready to be challenged to go out of your comfort zone both physically and intellectually.
  • Be a student again. Bring your curious beginner’s mind and be ready to add new perspectives or refine the ones you already have.
  • Be punctual.
  • Study the material we give you and apply it by practicing with us in the studio and at home.
  • There will be a practical exam (teaching) and a written exam at the end of the training. The details will be communicated during the early stages of this training.

What requirements are there to sign up for the training?

  • You have a solid yoga practice for at least a year, practicing in studios or at home for a minimum of twice a week.
  • You speak and understand English.
  • You are curious and motivated.

What requirements are there to sign up for the training?

  • You have a solid yoga practice for at least a year, practicing in studios or at home for a minimum of twice a week.
  • You speak and understand English.
  • You are curious and motivated.

What we offer:

  • We’ll speak from our own embodiment, research, and experience we have gathered over the years, both on the mat as students and as teachers.
  • We stand for high-quality training that is well-structured and explicit in nature. We have built this training upon in-depth and researched materials so you can efficiently study it.
  • We aim to offer you a variety of yogic perspectives. 
  • We’ll be reachable, reliable, punctual, and precise in communication.
  • We want to hold space for everybody’s individual and unique journey by listening to you and letting you tell your experience in sharing circles and one-on-one conversations with the teachers.


The retreat:
From 23rd – 30th Aug. 2024

The weekends:
September, 13, 14, 15 – 2024
October, 11, 12, 13 – 2024
November, 15, 16, 17 – 2024
December, 13, 14, 15 – 2024
January, 10, 11, 12 – 2025


Fridays: 18:00 – 22:00
Saturdays: 12:00 – 20:00
Sundays: 12:00 – 20:00
(Detailed schedule and program will be communicated before the start of the training)


The retreat:
Rideû 18, 6941 Durbuy, België

The weekends:
In Leiden, the Tribes’ studios at Doezastraat, Haagweg, and Broekplein.
(It will be clarified before the start of the training)

Early bird: € 2.700 incl. 9% VAT (until 1st of February 2023 or up until the 8th spot)
Regular price: €2.950
incl. 9% VAT

€500 deposit fee upon registration.
The remaining payment of €2.450 must be made before the start of the training.

Payment in 3 instalments is possible. The first instalment should be covered before the training. The last payment finalised before December 2024.

Price includes
– retreat of 7 nights
– 200 hrs training
– printed manual
– tribes goodie bag

Price excludes
– travel costs
– participation in the studio’s lessons
 (as a Tribes teacher trainee, you will receive 20% off all memberships and punch cards)

Cancellation Policy
– deposit non-refundable
– cancellation up to 3 months before the start of the training: reimbursement of 50% of the training fee
– cancellation up to 1 month before the start of the training: reimbursement of 25% of the training fee
– cancellation within 1 month of the training: no reimbursement possible

** we will always see if it is possible to offer you a place in our next teacher training, if due to personal reasons you cannot make it to the one you registered for.

A little more about Willemieke

Willemieke started out as a ballerina, yet started her dance training late in classical ballet terms. Growing up in Africa, the opportunities to take ballet classes were limited. Though dancing is very much a part of African culture, ballet not so much. After coming back to The Netherlands, Willemieke started her education at the Royal Academy of Dance. However, her passion for teaching developed itself in Toronto Canada where the very first classes were taught. Soon after, the first foundations were built to create her own dance and yoga school.

With an endless curiosity for other cultures and practices, Willemieke obtained her Master’s degree in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology. This curiosity also led her to the path of yoga in her early 20s. Everything in yoga influenced her dance teaching and did so to such an extent that she decided to ‘break’ with the more traditional approaches of teaching ballet. She recently completed her second Master’s degree in Dance with the Royal Academy of Dance while studying Modern Vinyasa Yoga intensively under Baron Baptiste and Simon Park. This experience deepened her practice and teaching methods around the principles of authenticity and free expression.


True connective movement cannot be set apart from the exact moment the movement is made and all that is present within that moment. All that the dancer or yogi feels, experiences, and ultimately expresses. Without the embodiment, and on a deeper level, the ensoulment of the movement, the movement becomes mechanic, an empty shell. This basic principle applies to all movement types. To me, this training has all the ingredients for an ever-changing and ever-interesting practice in which not only form is important, but also a deeper level of expression and self-development.

A little more about Fanny

Fanny is a 500hrs certified Vinyasa Yoga Teacher with more than 1000 hours of teaching experience in studio classes and private yoga. Fanny first learnt the art of Vinyasa Yoga from her teachers Daphne Koken & Claudia van der Tier. She loves learning, diving deep into topics, and asking “why” we do or teach things a certain way. Thus, she continues to train herself, practicing with various teachers and studying topics she is passionate about. Among others, Fanny explores the work of Douglas Keller for therapeutic yoga as well as the works of Joanne Avison and Tom Myers on myofascial anatomy.

As a teacher, Fanny is detailed and enthusiastic about what she shares and explains. She truly cares about how her words are heard by her students and how this communication can impact their experience on the mat, physically and emotionally. Fanny guides her classes with intentional creativity, allowing you to explore your body’s abilities and embrace the effects of the practice on all the layers of your being.

Visit her website.

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