16:00-16:45 Modern/Jazz – 6-9 yrs
16:45-17:30 Commercial Pop – 6-9 yrs
17:30-18:15 Modern/Jazz – 10-14 yrs
18:15-19:00 Commercial Pop – 10-14 yrs

Modern Jazz
In Modern Jazz the fluent and expressive movements of modern dance are combined with the strong and precise movements of jazz dance and encourages the development of technique, strength, coordination, flexibility and musicality. This dance course is a great way for kids to start dancing or to develop their dance skills further. The class begins with flowy and dynamic warm-ups, followed by focused exercises and ends with a choreography in which the different elements of the class are combined and you can dance your heart out.
Commercial Pop
In Commercial Pop you will learn moves just like the ones you see in the pop music videos. Commercial pop has its origins in Hiphop and street dance, but is mixed with the more studio based styles like Jazz. This dance course is all about having fun, learning cool moves, develop technique and boosting your self-confidence. The class begins with warm-ups, followed by strengthening and stretching and ends with a choreography in which the different elements of the class are combined in a fun choreography.


Wednesdays (classes taught by Pointeworks Dance School –

16:00-16:30 Pre Ballet – 3-4 yrs
16:30-17:15 Classical Ballet – 5-7 yrs
17:15-18:00 Classical Ballet – 8-10 yrs
18:00-18:45 Classical Ballet – 11 and up

Term dates

Our first dance term starts from the 5th of September 2017 and ends on the 16th of December 2017 
Our second dance term starts from the 8th of January 2018 and ends on the  15th of June 2018

Term fees

First term: 130 euro
Second term: 180 euro
Full year (paid before the 4th of September): 300 euro


Autumn: 16 – 27 October

Christmas: 18 December – 5 January

Spring: 19 February – 2 March

Easter: 2 April – 7 April

Ascension holiday: 27 April – 11 May

White Monday: 21 May

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